These are the fabulous restaurants,
chefs and dishes at this year's Brewhaha.

Click on each of the restaurants
below to learn more about them.  

Old Ebbitt Grill - Washington, DC
Sal Ferro, Executive Chef
-Wellfleet Oysters, tomato granita, serrano chili pepper, cilantro
-Slow Roasted Pork Belly Sliders,
peparonata, arugula vinaigrette

The Hamilton - Washington, DC
Anthony Lombardo, Executive Chef
-Spicy Scallop and Lemongrass Handroll, crispy shishito peppers
-Crispy Berkshire Trotter Cakes, zucchini corn bread

Jack Rose Dining Saloon - Washington, DC 
Russell Jones, Executive Chef
-Pickled Shrimp, grits
-Curried Pork Cheeks, dates, cilantro
The Fainting Goat - Washington, DC 
Nathan Beauchamp, Executive Chef 
-Jamaican Curried Goat, mango slaw
-Ponzu Tuna, pickled daikon, sesame basil

Boundary Stone DC - Washington, DC
Travis Kern, Executive Chef
-Curried Chicken Sausage Rolls
-Confit Pork Nuggets
Tower Oaks Lodge - Rockville, MD
Jeff Eng, Executive Chef 
-"Chocolate Covered Cherry" Parfait - malted milk chocolate panna cotta, cherry mousse, roasted phyllo bar
-Searzall Chesapeake Oyster, fried chicken skin, corn puree, micro basil
Red Apron Butcher & The Partisan - Washington DC
Nathan Anda, Executive Chef
-Optimal Brat, pickled cabbage, caraway mustard
-Whipped Nduja, fennel cracker
Smoke and Barrel - Washington DC
Logan McGear, Executive Chef
-Smoked Brisket, shiitake mushroom grits
-Smoked Pulled Pork, jalapeno Cheddar grits
The Red Hen - Washington DC
Michael Friedman, Executive Chef
-Sweet Corn Pudding, marinated peaches, mascarpone, toasted oat crumble
-Tomato Braised Lamb Meatballs, chile, basil, crumbled feta, breadcrumbs



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